About me

My name is Rodrigo Tobar de la Fuente, and I’m a Photographer, Graphic artist and Designer. A passionate traveler in search of the creation of images, unique visions, and atmospheres in which I’m able to express and shape my creativity.



Not always do I have the time to document my creative process because most of the time setting up cameras, lights, etc., is a great distraction and don’t want to waste time from the main objective. Like many projects, one started from doodling, and a couple of hours later you have something completely unexpected. That is the case here. 

A rough pencil sketch on watercolor paper gives way to the pen and later the colored inks. This slowly gave shape to a new creation. Meanwhile, I was playing with some lenses attached to my iPhone, when I saw the opportunity to record the painting process. A couple of weeks later I edited the whole material adding some soundtrack, asking Ruy Tobar Mosqueira for the music. 

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